I am looking for land in Marsabit County somewhere i can cool down, graze my goats in the day and stare at the stars in the evening. Someplace I can feel the purpose of life and living and the endless arguments over food supplements and side plates. I want a place I can settle with a decent woman who would make an honest man out of me. For many men and women such a place is found at the Coast but I am not most men. I chart my own path and I have seen the light and it shines brightest in Marsabit. Before today I would have picked Nanyuki without as much as a wink but things have changed. I have realized that Nanyuki doesn’t love me as much as I love her and I have tried to make things alright and failed terribly. The owner of the sky has seen my pain and smiled on me by sending Marsabit my way and while we have just met I have already started planning our wedding and pictured the house in which we will live.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics just released the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census Analytics reports and I vainly jumped onto the mortality report because after all who doesn’t want to live long, mmmh? Not many surprises in the report but a few that immediately stand out are that women have higher expected future lifetime than men in 35 counties and equal men in 4 counties. Furthermore, the report reveals as old catches up with men and women again the women have higher expected future lifetimes in 37 counties and equal men in 8 counties. A few places stand out as the only places where men live longer than women and Marsabit is one of such.

Generally men in Marsabit, Isiolo and Kitui live the longest with expected life expectancy of 72 while the women in these counties live to 68, 76 and 74 respectively. Take nothing away from women as they generally poll happier than men but knowing that men in Marsabit live longer than women is a case worth studying. Could it be that the cultural practices favour men that women? Could it be something else? In an ideal world, men and women should have equal life expectancy at birth but this has never been the case. There has been arguments that men are more careless and don’t take their health seriously. However, men in Lamu live 6 years more then the women there but compared to Marsabit they have a slightly lower life expectancy of 67 years. This is a very curious case and is worth a closer eye.

Adulthood and Old Age Life expectancy in counties by gender

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Sorry Nanyuki, I am going to Marsabit

Prestone Adie

I drive Data Analytics where I surface stories from data that might not be immediately obvious. With a background in Actuarial Science I'm proficient in R and Python for data analysis and takes avid interest in anything data. Find me on twitter Follow @AdiePrestone where we can talk data, street food, cars and books.

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